About Us

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.


Our goal is to improve YOUR triple bottom line through systematic, practical, big picture resource conservation.    

People. Human capital, time & energy 

Planet. Appreciation and consideration of natural resources 

Profit. Reducing resource expenditures to improve the bottom line   

Priority Principles                                           

  • To pro-actively produce positive, practical yet specialized organizational, team and individual solutions.  This is realized by using experience/knowledge/expertise/talents to serve others by practicing proven methodologies.  
  • To implement our unique combination of experience, knowledge, education, background, certification, perspectives and problem-solving abilities to look and view situations from a different vantage point to think, process and organize information for exponential benefits for people, profit, planet with beneficial outcomes for staff, leadership, organizations, community, balancing of resources so that the may do what they are best at.  
  • Positive, Pro-Active Partnerships:  helping people help more people by increasing efficiency and effectiveness through system, tools, solutions and process design.   

Our History

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.


Simply Green Solutions, LLC was founded in 2008, using the downturn in the economy as an opportunity for embracing entrepreneurial/community spirit and focusing passion for innovative process improvement strategy and implementation. 

Our collaborative work style, coupled with a natural born ability to mentor, develop, create, ask questions to engage team members and connect with staff has enabled us to be an advocate and advisor to C-suite clients while translating results into proven ROI. 

Depending upon your needs, we engage collaborative expert community partners to fulfill your specific needs.   

Simply Green Solutions, LLC works with executive businesses and non-profit leaders to improve their bottom line by increasing productivity, accountability and efficiency.  

Our Mission

People. Planet. Profit. Priorities.

Our Mission


  Linking People, Planet & Profit to Improve your Organization’s Triple Bottom Line with specialized solutions for Human Capital, Resources and Effectiveness    

Specialized solutions' expertise in creating customized systems and workflow tools to improve organizational effectiveness & efficiency to improve your triple bottom line!  

My Personal Mission:    To Serve Others …  using my unique collaborative foundation of talents and experience to improve outcomes, organizational efficiency and effectiveness while conserving resources.

Bottom Line:  Everything I do has multiple considerations and thoughts behind WHY and takes into consideration many factors to augment possible scenarios and solutions that give multi-level results and fulfill many purposes to aid organizations and individuals realize more  successful outcomes.      

 - - Yvette Little, President